Thought of the day:

Sometimes holding on is easier than letting go.
— Me
Desperate Heart

Desperate Heart

You were a cyclone of complications I did not understand

Push and pull just like a rubber band

Like a magnet, I would keep coming back

I was a druggie and you were my crack

You chewed me up then spit me out

You were my cult and I was devout

Holding on to your sweet gestures and words

But your actions were hurting me worse

Desperate to keep you, wanted you all to myself

You were the trophy I display on my shelf

Fear of being lonely, I clung on to you like glue

But you gave me vertigo, my seeing askew

Like a vampire, you took my life

A love affair full of pure strife

Relationships shouldn't be complicated where you're pushing and pulling each other. It should be harmonious and equally fulfilling. No one should ever be chasing one or the other or desperately clinging on to the other in fear of losing them. It should just flow naturally.

A Love Out Of Default

A Love Out Of Default

Rainy Days Are so Magical!

Rainy Days Are so Magical!