Thought of the day:

Sometimes holding on is easier than letting go.
— Me
An Admirable Woman

An Admirable Woman

Life hasn't treated you the best, but here you are, heart still beating

You keep pushing forward, while the same issues keep repeating

You rise like a Phoenix after being burnt down to the ground

A fighter, a superhero, a Queen that should be crowned

You keep your head up and always a smile on your face

Never showing your struggles, regardless of what takes place

People tend to gravitate towards you for the good energy you exude

Taken advantage of your kindness, so your trust in others is slightly skewed

Tough yet feminine, powerful but gentle, soft-hearted not to be confused with weak

Sweet and a little feisty, modest but confident, you're always winning the love of those you meet

One day, someone will realize that the best is what you deserve

Stay strong and never change, so your kind heart will be preserved

There is only one person who deserves it and will admire you for good reason

For all your qualities and flaws, your good and your bad, your strengths and all your demons

Sometimes Holding On Is Easier Than Letting Go

Sometimes Holding On Is Easier Than Letting Go

A Case of Brain Fog

A Case of Brain Fog