Thought of the day:

Sometimes holding on is easier than letting go.
— Me
Enjoy the Little Things

Enjoy the Little Things

Heavenly rainbows kissing the sky

The earthy smell of the first rainfall can get you high

The crisp Fall foliage crunching beneath your feet

Finding lucky charms like lady bugs and clovers with four leaves

How the sun and the moon can place a natural glow to your face

Sunset and sunrise are both saving grace

That gentle touch from someone you adore

That distinct briny smell as you walk along the seashore

The scent that lingers from someone you love

That pull to get closer when you reach for a hug

That perfect kiss that seems to stop time

The array of beautiful blooming flowers during springtime

The bright and pillowy clouds against a sky so blue

That flutter in your stomach when love seems to strike you

Feeling inspired and grateful to experience little things like this

Making life even better with feelings of bliss



I Belonged to You

I Belonged to You