Thought of the day:

Sometimes holding on is easier than letting go.
— Me
You Are Stagnant

You Are Stagnant

Materialistic and selfish,

this of you is true.

Drowning yourself in insignificant things while people loved you.

Looking into your eyes, no depth, absolutely shallow.

No light shines through you,

internally you are black and hallow.

You bury yourself in meaningless things to avoid the struggles that life may bring.

Like a child, you entertain yourself with toys,

as nothing else brings you joy.

Letting special moments pass you by,

everything around you left to die.

You pushed love away and kept yourself so enclosed,

choking on your constriction.

I supported you even though I knew it was wrong,

enabling your addiction.

Stood by your side hoping this was just a phase.

Maybe somehow I could help you change.

But you didn't even want to help yourself.

You are stagnant.

You were bringing me down with you too.

I didn't want to get stuck there with you.

You kept pulling me closer,

but we were supposed to be apart.

You say words out of love,

But your actions showed lack of heart.

Sucking me into your gloomy and lifeless world,

with hopes of movement towards something better.

Love knocked at your door yearning for an answer.

You never respond as you sat contently in your emptiness.

The world is full of color while you live in black and white.

How could you live such a life?

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