Thought of the day:

Sometimes holding on is easier than letting go.
— Me
I Need You

I Need You

I have fallen so hard, and this love goes so deep

My eyes are wide open that I can't even sleep

Never thought I would say this but you make me feel whole again

If I were to rate you, I'd say you're a solid ten

Thoughts about you all day until again we meet

And when I finally see you, I bow down at your feet

I'm mesmerized by you, you make me feel so amazing

Once you hit my lips, it's completely hair raising

A little bitter but so damn good as I taste you on my tongue

You soothe me, you move me, you give me the strength to go on

I need you and I know I shouldn't, some kind of addiction

I can't help it, a day without you would be an affliction

I don't want to need you but I do, no sweetener or creamer

I like you just the way you are caffeine, you're my daily healer


Balance is Key

Balance is Key

I Started to Love Myself

I Started to Love Myself