Thought of the day:

Sometimes holding on is easier than letting go.
— Me
The Fast and The Furious

The Fast and The Furious

The taste of cigarettes and whiskey are spread across your lips

Ripped jeans and stained fingertips

You were like a tornado that I happened to get twisted up in,

You sure took me for a spin

So strong yet delicate you were,

You had a smile that would light up the room and a tongue so quick to fight

Feisty at heart with a fire so easy to ignite

It was tedious loving you,

Like loving a venomous snake

Skin so smooth but a toxic bite that could bring me to my fate

In adoration of your eyes, Medusa has nothing on you

Your look, so captivating but you could turn me into stone

Your eyes were a glance into heaven falling deep into a war zone

You were like acid, spinning off with just one hit

A kaleidoscope of pure beauty, but a drug I desperately needed to quit

Young Love

Young Love

Life Without You

Life Without You